R.S.: 06/2021/03519     Col.: 31/263

“Fairness in the treatment of diversity has been a constant driving force in my life.”

About me

With German roots, my journey merges a passion for Occupational Therapy with a Master of Science in Nutrition Sciences.

Initially trained in Sensory Integration and DIR Floortime, my approach has been enriched with Systemic Therapy, broadening my therapeutic perspective. With a strong background in research, I combine specialized knowledge to provide personalized and effective interventions addressing the individual and contextual needs of my patients.

I enjoy dedicating myself to what I love, a space where I continue to grow and learn. In my 23 years of work experience, I have expanded my horizons and enriched my approach to work. Attending to individuals involves constant reflection, questioning, and evolution, aspects that are part of my being and that I am grateful to apply daily.

Defining my approach to work is complex in its nuances, but essentially based on a unifying philosophy that encompasses mutual acceptance, understanding of diverse perspectives towards individuals and situations, recognizing that there is no single truth.

Accompanying a family does not follow a predetermined script; there are multiple paths, and each family’s path is unique and defined by themselves.

For a person to live fully, not only family inclusion is required, but also community inclusion; society plays a crucial role. Therefore, my focus is on training and collaborating with the community.

Training in multiple topics related to child and youth development and diversity is a field that I not only love to engage in but also see as very necessary given the current reality, where individual attention is insufficient, with a great need at the community level.

The development of the ‘Disfrutar el Mar’ project since 2010 has been a source of joy. We offer recreational and sports activities at sea to children with and without developmental challenges, with a diverse team where each individual brings their uniqueness. ( no sé si ponerlo)

Equity in treating diversity has been a constant driving force in my life. My goal is to contribute in the best possible way throughout my life to make this vision a reality.

Simone Tiemann