R.S.: 06/2021/03519     Col.: 31/263

Everything has its moment.

You have found me at a moment when something is troubling you.

Let me give you a small image/vision of who I am and what I do, to see if I can be someone who can attend to your concerns.


Understanding who we are, who others are from various psychological, social, philosophical, and medical perspectives is essential to better care for ourselves and support each other in the various roles we play in life, whether as parents, educators, or therapists. Therefore, offering training that promotes this process of self and others’ knowledge is not only something I consider essential, but also deeply passionate about, as it fills me with satisfaction to think that my knowledge and experiences can be useful to others on their own path, just as they were for me

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The environment is a fundamental element to which I attach great relevance and appreciation. It is the setting where we coexist, relate to each other in various ways, and it provides us with valuable resources and stimuli that we use as instruments in our therapeutic work.

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